LGBT Photography Club in Charlotte NC

Welcome To StillOut

StillOut is an LGBT and friends photography club in Charlotte. Our meeting calendar is on this web site (see widget on the right.) Starting in 2014, we no longer have regular, monthly meetings. We will be scheduling meetings on an as needed basis.

We cater to all levels of photographers, but most of our members shoot with a DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera — you know, those big ones with lenses you can change out.)

Feel free to browse around the site to learn more. But most of the online interaction happens in our Facebook group.

Since the club formed, we have:

  • Held over half a dozen workshops
  • Been on field trips
  • Donated our time and skills to photograph events for many organizations including Charlotte Pride, Time Out Youth, RAIN and more.
  • Participated in art projects.
  • Had gallery shows.
  • Had over 500 arguments¬†over which is better: Canon or Nikon (just kidding, besides we all know Canon is better, right?)
  • Spent many hours teaching each other how to be better photographers.

We look forward to having you join the fun!